Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun at Beech Bend!

We had so much fun at Beech Bend park! Christian was a huge help and rode most of the rides with Hannah.
Some were more exciting than others.
The baby goats were adorable and on sale for only $30 apiece.

Hannah and Christian have matching skinned elbows from the Superslide 2000. This photo is right before the tumble.
Hannah and Christian spent most of their time on The Tornado, over and over and over again. Even when it started raining, even when Hannah fell asleep. No kidding, she fell asleep on something called The Tornado.

We practiced for Back to School by driving the school bus.
It was a great day, even with the rain! There were no lines, so it seemed like we had the entire place to ourselves; therefore, no one was around to notice that my daughter had her shirt on backwards. We had corndogs, funnel cakes, dippin' dots and lemonade (carnival food is my favorite!) We spent the entire day there, and still never made it to the water park. We have to save something for the next trip!
So, to summarize, this fantastic Mommy let her kids wear their clothes backwards in the rain to a carnival where she made them take a nap on a twirling thingie. She had no bandaids to fix their boo-boos after they slid off their burlap sacks. Then she fed them a bunch of fried stuff and topped it off with freeze-dried balls of sugar! Then put them back on the twirling thingie. Oh yeah, then she wanted to haggle with the petting zoo people to trade our horse in for two mini goats.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not the Best Dining Experience

I'm not sure what Hannah has been up to in her playroom, but it involves serving bouncy ball coffee with a side of finger and the teeniest glass of wine ever. There are days when the extra zip in my coffee might be welcomed, but I've never had a taste for finger or tiny wine glasses.


For the first time Hannah was shy. We were in Barnes & Noble and there were a couple kids playing with the Thomas the Tank Engine train set. Usually when she is there, she pretty much has the entire children's department to herself. Tonight she saw the other kids playing and immediately tried to hide behind me. I have never seen her shy before, so it took me a bit to realize that she was having a hard time and didn't know what to do. We went over to an empty corner of the kid's department and practiced what to say. I thought she might want to say, "Hi, my name is Hannah, can I play too?" Hannah thought this was pretty good, so armed with her new phrase, she hedged over to the train set again. Slowly, she got closer and closer and finally very quietly said, "Hi, I'm Hannah, what's your name?" When the kids didn't answer she looked nervously at me for help. I suggested she speak a little louder and try again. This time she got a response, the kids scootched over and let Hannah in.
Being a super shy child, I was quite proud of my brave little girl trying hard to navigate her way through the difficulties of social interaction.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Ready for Grandma's

Going to Grandma Lisa's house is an almost every day occurrence. Grandma knows to not expect perfection from us early in the morning. She knows that some days we are just lucky we have on panties (aren't we all?) All of these photos were taken right before leaving for her house. Some days she arrives there dressed, with hair brushed and cute, but most of the time she goes with that "just rolled out of bed look" that her mother is so fond of. About every week or so, Grandma sends home a bag of miscellaneous accoutrements and the cycle starts again. There is nothing quite like opening a bag filled with magic wands, tiaras, red ruby slippers and gum!

I seem to be out of anything interesting to say. Apparently I can only write effectively at 2 am, and I haven't had any late nights lately.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Know Where She Got Them!

Look familiar?

A Visit with Mary Jo, Zachary and Cooper

Yesterday we went to Elizabethtown to visit Zachary and his new little brother, Cooper. Of course, I went to visit my sweet friend, Mary Jo. For the first time since we had children, we were actually able to have a somewhat adult conversation. Zachary and Hannah are now old enough to play in Zachary's room without much supervision. They came down every now and then in different costumes:

Meanwhile I got to snuggle with a teeny, tiny baby boy and gab with my friend!

I'm not sure how this picture happened, because really and truly, they didn't sit down for more than 2 seconds at a stretch. I'm thinking that she was just blinking when it was taken.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Don't Call Them Strange, Call Them Pyrenees

We LOVE these dogs; these sweet lab/pyrenees mix muts that we adopted. Charlie appears to be more of a lab, while Rosie is more the pyrenees. Which is just a nice way of saying that she is a weird dog. Apparently pyrenees are diggers. They are also barkers. Oh, and they need a job in order to feel useful. Oh yes, and they are independent thinkers, so they are quite difficult to train.

So, as I understand it, I must let Rosie bark, while digging a trench around our house to protect it, since this is her job. And she works 3rd shift.
But, when she is not working, she likes to sit in my lap so I can brush her. She has the sweetest brown eyes that look up at you from her freshly dig hole.

And then there is Charlie. He is perfectly content to let Rosie have the job. He is a house husband that spends the day lying in the hole dug by Rosie. He is easily bribed by doggie treats and has a bit of a beer belly.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Rough Week

I got poison ivy. I think I got it from our new puppies, since I'm not really one for yard work. I have it on my forehead, jaw, fingers, lower legs, and arms. I am scratching everywhere all the time. It's a good look.
I broke my pinky toe while inner-tubing on the lake. Tubing is a strange thing. I find it so painful, sort of like whiplash (more on that later!) but it is one of my very favorite things to do! Paul zips us around so fast that you have to hang on for dear life. I think I was trying to hang on with even my toes, when my pinky got jammed.

My car got side swiped while in the parking lot at Barnes & Noble. This is the second time that someone has hit my car then driven away. So, I took it in for $1,500 worth of body work.
I was supplied with this awesome 2009 Ford (sorry Daddy, I didn't have a choice) Escape in the meantime. I loved driving it, except we didn't all fit in it. So, Cassie stayed at Grandma Lisa's house while the rest of us ran some errands. Later, at a tricky intersection, a car came shooting over the hill and slammed into our rear end. Our car was turned 180 degrees and the airbags all deployed. I have never been in an accident before and was never so scared in my life. I felt like 10 Second Tom, because I kept asking the kids over and over again, "Are you o.k.?" Luckily, we are all fine. Oh, except the rental car.
Let's hope next week is better!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Are Not Cake Bosses, Nor Are We Aces of Cakes...

But we sure had fun! This was our first time using fondant. Can you guess which one Holly made and which was decorated by me? I'm not sure if they are edible or not, since we won't let anyone actually cut into them.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bedtime Rituals

Hannah won't sleep until all bedtime rituals are performed. These rituals change from time to time. Currently, we have to rock, and sing some songs. One of the songs is the made-up "Everyone Loves Hannah". It goes like this: "Mommy loves Hannah, Daddy loves Hannah, ____ loves Hannah, ____ loves Hannah." Until I can think of no one else that might possibly love Hannah. If you have ever met her, you have probably been mentioned in this song. Her Nana made this song up when she was in hospital and we have sung it every night since. At some point I know that she will realize that everyone does not actually love her, but I'll let kindergarten teach that lesson. Then we read a book, these days it's Harry the Dirty Dog, we also love to read Martha Speaks. First I read it to her, then she reads it to me. Then we talk about our favorite part of the day, her favorite part is usually whatever she did in the past 15 minutes; what with the short attention span and all.

Then we make our way to bed where I do what she calls "The Ipsy, Ipsy Spider" on her back. Except that she doesn't like spiders so we have to do butterflies, which is just hard to say. Then we have to do it on her tummy, then again on her back, then her tummy. Then I have to tickle her tummy, then her back, etc.

Then she asks for a glass of water, which I keep in her play kitchen's refrigerator. Then we go through the goodnight sayings. "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite," and I love you more, no I love you more, no me more, no me more..."

Then I'm exhausted and want someone to tickle my tummy... then my back, then my tummy.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What Does it Take to Get a Smile?

Christian is known for his general lack of smileyness in pictures. Here are some examples throughout the years:

But give the kid a teeny lizard and look how he lights up! Who knew that was all it took?

We also have video of him doing the Electric Slide with the lizard, but I'm saving that for his first girlfriend.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Don't Get a Badge for Everything

Juliette (Daisy) Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts

I was probably the oldest living Girl Scout, except maybe Juliette Gordon Low. I was lucky enough to be in a wonderful troop that never finger painted or glued macaroni onto cigar boxes that were then spray painted gold. Instead we did some hardcore scouting; things similar to what Boy Scouts would do, heaven forbid. It was the same group of us from 5th grade through 12th grade, so we were pretty tight (and yes, I said 12th grade.) For every new adventure we successfully completed, we earned badges that were sewn on our fancy green vest. Those who know me know that I was just in it for the badges.

We hiked part of the Appalachian Trail with a woman named "Mama Boots". At the time we were in the 8th grade and all that was important to us was sleeping in, our hair and boys. You can understand the frustration Mama Boots felt when we were not exactly psyched to get up at 5 am and start our day of sweaty walking. I grudgingly earned this:
We spent many weekends at Barren River Lake earning our American Red Cross Sailing cards. We navigated our little Sunfish sailboats all over that lake and although I know the difference between port and starboard, I can't remember any of the fancy knots. But still, I earned this:
I won a ton of cookie contests because, for whatever reason, I was never too embarrassed to take my cookie order form to high school to get my orders. It's not like I wore the vest to school or anything. Yet, I'm pretty sure that I was made fun of , but at the time I was all about winning, and I had pretty great sales strategy. I knew that the kids who hung out on the "smoking patio" in my school would probably have the munchies at some point during the day. They were always my best customers. (They don't have smoking patios in high school anymore, do they?) It was worth the humiliation in order to sew this beauty on my vest:
When I was 16 I went to Great Britain with a group of Girl Scouts, a few of the girls had been in my troop since we were 10 years old. The others were probably just the only other 16 year old Girls Scouts in the state that wanted to travel. All 12 of us went to Ireland, Scotland and England for 3 weeks with only 2 adult chaperones. I can't imagine how my parents must have worried. I can't imagine how those 2 adult chaperones survived. We travelled around on a huge tour bus with our very own guide who would occasionally scream at us for sleeping when there was so much history to be seen. He was proud of his country and it's landscape and we were 16 year olds. We stayed at Bed & Breakfasts that served us six course dinners every night. We were conceited enough to think that even though we were told that our curling irons wouldn't work without a converter, it certainly looked like they would. I still remember the smell of burning hair right before the breaker tripped. Our super cool bus driver took us out at night for our first beers in a pub (the drinking age in Ireland was 16!) I'm pretty sure neither our chaperones nor parents were aware of this fact. It all just horrifies me to think of this now. I'm sure we didn't deserve it, but we received the travel badge:
When I was 18 I spent a few days with a friend (another scout) helping the younger girls at Houchens Day Camp. We helped with outdoor activities, campfire cooking, and nature hikes. We were practically adults, you know, so we were allowed to set up tents and spend the night at camp. I don't recall the logistics of this next part, but our boyfriends came to visit us late in the night. Now remember, this was back in the day, so there were no cell phones, and most boys had never been to the girl scout camp before, so I don't know how they found us. Don't worry, we were good girls, yet I'm afraid there are no badges for that.

We went on a survival week. I may have some of the details wrong, but as I remember it, we were dumped in the middle of nowhere with flint and a ziplock baggie of powdered milk. For that experience we earned both the outdoor survival and the orienteering badges:

We did crazy ropes courses and rappelling adventures that earned us this one:
During high school I submitted an essay and received a scholarship for college, although I am convinced that I was probably the only college age Girl Scout left to apply.
My vest was filled front and back with all my badges and pins from my Brownie days on up. After college, while cleaning my old stuff out of Mom and Dad's house, I found a box filled with things I didn't think I would need again. So, I threw it out, and inside that box was my Girl Scout vest. Maybe one day I will get another one and this time I will earn these:
The Stress Less Badge
The Healthy Relationships Badge
The Conflict Resolution Badge