Friday, June 30, 2006


Hannah came home today. The drive home was a little unnerving. I think Grandma Vilas sat in the backseat and stared at her the whole way home! Holly, Christian, and Cassie were at home fighting over who got to hold Hannah first. Paul finally had to make the decision of Holly going first and Christian and Cassie had to pull pretzel sticks to decide. Very official!

Leaving the Hospital!

Hannah was moved out of the isolette and into her very own crib on June 5th. She weighs 3lbs, 14 oz. She has started nursing well, but still takes a bottle from the nurses. Her feeding tube finally came out! We get to go home tomorrow on June 13th, but first Hannah has to pass her first exam. She must stay in her carseat for one hour with no changes in her vitals. Then we will be cleared for takeoff!! The Medical Center said that she was still too small to be in their regular nursery, so Vanderbilt said we could take her home with us instead. Mom and I packed up our stuff from the Ronald McDonald House and stayed the last night with Hannah in the hospital. It was a very rough night with all the babies beeping and buzzing. I will be very glad to get the tubes and wires and alarms off of her and just get to go home!