Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True Story

I was doing my annual cleaning of files at work. As I was looking through the customer service file I came across this gem from 2003:

I have been heren about Barnes & Noble having a room out ther where single people meets and dates. Do you hafto be a member of some club and pay a fee? I am a white male 66 years old and dirt poor. I can find plenty of women for a one night stand. I don't do that. AIDS. I wont just one female at a time to date and maby marriage if we fall in love with each other. I like women that is verry entegelent from the age of 25 to 55. I am a spoler and if she don't treet me right I move on. I love women. I am 1/2 woman my mother was a woman. Ho Ho- a kidder. Ancer this letter if I fit in. Ok
P.S and send all information.


He even attached an address label with a little snowman on it. I can't help it, I have a soft spot for Mr. XXXX XXXX. I wonder if he is still looking for the right lady.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Look at this wild bunch! We had all the cousins together for the first time in 3 years and a wonderful time was had by everyone!!

Gracie, Cassie, Hannah, Paul, Nathaniel
Holly, Lucy, Ezra, Christian, Alek, Jack.
We were only missing Little Paul for the Thanksgiving photo!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Playing Bunny

At the Boddeker Family Christmas Party, Hannah and her cousin Gracie ignored the rough-housing of the boys and spent the evening playing "bunny." This is how you play the game (or so I gathered)
1. One girl is the bunny. You can tell because of the bunny ears on her head.
2. One girl is the vet. You can tell by the way she drags the sick bunny around the room.
3. There are shots involved.
4. Reverse roles frequently.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No One's in the Doghouse

Paul made a gorgeous new house for our dogs. He insulated it and made it match our house.
Although it's freezing outside, our sweet puppies have chosen to sleep beside their new house, rather than inside. I said they were sweet, not smart.

I Have Some Things to Say...

Just not enough time to say them. Stay tuned. Please. Don't leave me. I will return. Promise. I have to tell you all about:

New Year's Eve
Turning 40
Going back to school
Family time
Funny Hannah things!