Saturday, April 26, 2008

We Know Who to Call for Cookies!

Hannah is practicing her phone skills.

Tiny Dancer

Holly's dance recital is this weekend.  This means she has had a week of 3 hour long rehearsals, all during a week of CATS testing at school.  She's a trooper and doesn't complain.  All of that is great, but oh my!  You should see this girl dance!  She's so graceful and flowing and just lovely to watch.  The best part is the big 'ol grin from ear to ear that tells me how much she loves it!  It's so fun to watch a child do something they truly love!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Think I May Have a Problem

So I have been traveling a lot for work lately.  For the past few nights I have been in hotel rooms.  Of course I brought a book (actually a couple, cause you don't want to be stuck with a bad book!)  I was up very late reading, 3 a.m., when I got to a critical point in my book.  I couldn't go any further, I knew it was the point in which "the bad stuff happens to the good people".  I had to either put the book down for the night, or commit to reading to the end.  I did the responsible thing and put my book away, put my earplugs in, and went to sleep.  Then, I woke in a panic the next morning!  I was late!  I rushed to check out of my room and in my hurry, I later discovered that I had left my book in the bed.

I went back and forth the next few days trying to forget about the heroine and her cool, hip New York friends.  I told myself that they didn't matter, and it didn't really affect my life at all. I could move on.  I went to work all casual like and looked the book up in our system to see if we had it.  No luck, the book is an Advance Reading Copy and is not due out until mid-May.  I know the solution to this problem.  I know all I have to do is call the hotel and ask them if they found my book.  I know this will require UPS and a fee.  I decide there are other fish in the sea and  I will try another book.  But my heart just wasn't in it and I couldn't commit.  It wasn't the book, it was me.  Maybe if the timing had been better, I'm not quite over my other book, etc...

Today I received my book from the hotel via UPS.  I think I may have a problem.
P.S. The book isn't even all that great. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miss Independence Dresses Herself

Hannah loves to wear her Daddy's work hats.  Sweaty, dirty hats.  By the way, her Daddy is NOT a 70 year old farmer.  He just dresses like one!

On her way to Grandma's house with her brother's house slippers, her ball cap and her backpack.

Monday, April 21, 2008

10th Annual Southern Kentucky Bookfest

Pamela and Diane at the Bookfest.  SuperCashiers! 

Authors, authors everywhere!  Over 160 were there including Mitch Albom, Harlan Coben, Marc Brown, and many, many others!
Mitch Albom
Harlan Coben, the nicest author ever!  He was so genuine, and just wandered around the bookfest talking to other authors before he realized that he had a huge line at his table! Take a look at the rest of the lineup.  Here's what the Daily News had to say.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some Videos From the Trip!

The Metro in Paris!
The bells ringing at Notre Dame.  After lugging around my backpack, I was the only visible hunchback!
We got to see part of a mass at Notre Dame.  I would be the awful Catholic in the back RECORDING!
The largest roundabout in the world!  This is at the Arc de Triumph.  It was either controlled chaos, or everyone just drove their cars in circles as fast as they could.
High school students on strike in Paris!  They were fighting against privatization of their schools.  Around 6,000 students and teachers marched in the peaceful protest.
More goats.  You may not be able to understand them because they are French goats!  I can't help it!  I got a thing for the goat cheese.  I got it bad.

Monday, April 14, 2008

When Mama is in France

Also Known as When Mama Leaves the Country Without Me, Daddy Becomes My Favorite!

Here are a few tips for all two year olds wishing to break their mother's heart:
(tested by Hannah)
  1. Make sure that everyone agrees that babies don't remember when their Mama's go to France and therefore won't be forever damaged by them leaving!
  2. Be REALLY cute on the phone while the Mama is in France and be sure not to tell them what is going on at home.
  3. When you pick Mama up from the airport, for just a brief second, long enough for the Mama's heart to break just a little bit, look a little scared like maybe you don't recognize her.
  4. For the rest of the week, when you hurt yourself cry and ask for Daddy, when it's time to go to bed ask for Daddy, when it's time for a bath, ask for Daddy.  Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!!
Why?  Because Daddy doesn't leave the country without his baby!!
Oh, the guilt!  

Saturday, April 12, 2008

If You Are Ever in France and Need a Place to Stay...

I hope you find yourself at this door,

with these wonderful people,

with this view from your bedroom!
Libby and I had a wonderful, wonderful time.  Joe and Theresa were the best of hosts and catered to our every whim!  We woke each morning to fresh croissants, baguettes, fruit, coffee, and yummy jams.  We explored Paris, Blois, Bourges, Sancerre, Sully, and Chateauneuf.  We also saw this:

and this:
and this:
We drank a lot of this:
which came from this:
We ate a lot of this:
which came from these! (Obligatory goat hiney photo)
We met Joe and Theresa's lovely neighbor, Madame D
and Madame D's daughter and granddaughter
We didn't meet this lady, but doesn't she look very French?
We had the most magnificent 6 course meal I have ever had at this restaurant:
We ate a little of this everyday!

These are the homes that I am considering for my Imaginary Summer Home in France:

I think this one wins!!!

A photo of me taken after the wine, goat cheese, pain au chocolat, and pastries:

I just can't say enough how wonderful it was to stay in Joe and Theresa's cozy home, to be spoiled for a whole week, to have great conversations that lasted so long we were certain of the presence of a time warp in the dining room, and to explore France!!!!!!!!!!

Go on over to Theresa's blog to check out her new life in France!